7 Free Explainer Videos Templates for Beginners

explainer video

Looking for great explainer video templates? Look no further and take a look at these free explainer videos templates suitable for all types of businesses!


So, you are interested in creating your own explainer video? You are worried because you haven’t done that before and you don’t know where to start? We can offer you a solution by presenting you the best free explainer videos templates which are perfect for beginners. By using a video template, you will be able to create a high-quality video that you can use to get closer to your target audience, grab their attention, and share meaningful information about your business or brand.

Let’s start:

  1. Free explainer video template made in after effects – This is the ideal template for presenting any type of business and it requires no extra plugins. You will be able to show your target group a high-quality presentation as the template comes in 1920×1080 resolution.
  2. Free video resume template – This is one of the best and most popular explainer videos templates that is cartoon-based. It is customizable and allows you to edit all its elements according to your needs. You can sign up for free.
  3. Free app demo explainer video template – It is great for those who want to create an explainer video presenting their new application. The template is around 30 seconds long.
  4. Business services marketing video template – The marketing videos are known for sharing stories of people with similar problems your target group has and offer them a suitable solution. This template can also be edited and customized according to your requirements.
  5. Animated whiteboard video template for business – This is digitally driven whiteboard video with an amazing paper-texture background. The template is almost one minute long and you can export the final version to YouTube.
  6. Explainer video template for internet services – This template is specially designed for beginners who want to introduce the target audience with a certain story. All of the elements can be easily changed so feel free to make a few changes according to your business needs.
  7. Animated explainer video template for ad agencies – This template is ideal for ad agencies and other types of businesses. You can replace the elements with your own visual content and your own text.

We hope these free explainer videos templates will come in handy for you! Pick the best one, create your own video, and use it in your marketing campaigns.