How to get free web hosting in 2019?

With the advancement of disruptive emerging technologies, creating a website has become much cheaper than before. The competition among web hosting providers has become more challenging than before. They are trying to offer more value for money deals along with exclusive services to gain a competitive edge. When we are talking about free web hosting platforms, we don’t necessarily mean it is completely free of cost. We have categorized it into almost free and completely free web hosting features for your better understanding.

Free web hosting providers for you


This one offers free storage(limited), bandwidth(limited), e-mail address, domain name (WordPress name included) and various customization options in terms of design. With a small price, you can get advanced customization options, SEO tools and eCommerce attributes.

The free options for this provider are its storage (limited), bandwidth (unlimited), domain name (Weebly name included), free templates and basic editing options. To gain eCommerce access and customer support benefits, you would have to upgrade to paid features.

The free options of this platform are pretty much similar to WordPress and but the storage and bandwidth cap is lower; only 500 MB to be exact.

This platform offers the freest services from our perspective. You get limited storage, unlimited bandwidth, multiple domain names, 3 e-mail accounts, Magento compatible eCommerce features and customization options ( for designs).

Just as the name suggests, this one offers 5 GB free storage along with 20 GB bandwidth. You will also find free domain, design features, 1 click installs for eCommerce features and website builder options.

Factors to consider before choosing


If security is a primary concern to you, do not choose free web hosting providers. Always go for paid services.

Customer service

The free service providers offer limited customer service options, but you can make do with that if you are running a small portfolio, a personal blog or even a small business.

Domain addition

Usually, the free providers provide domain with their names included. It is better to choose the ones that provide multiple options.

eCommerce viability

With eCommerce, it is always better to go for paid options because the free ones usually provide very limited service.

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Final words

Understand that completely free web hosting comes with a price and that price is a slow website and low traffic generation. Nonetheless, we understand that for newcomers budget might be an issue. Our recommendation would be to start with the free ones and then gradually shift to paid services once your business starts growing.